In our chapter there are many leadership opportunities. Many brothers are able to hold positions and help maintain and improve our chapter.

Executive Board

Master: Noah “Caesar” Leibowitz

Lt. Master: Josh “Apollo” Shapiro

Scribe: Max “Bongo” Spector

Exchequer: Tyler “Δibb” Mason

Brother at Large: Ryan “KidΔ” Matthews


Rush Chair: Asher “Boss” Soriano

Sentinel: Jonah “Boo” Ricanati

Minor Board

Brotherhood Chair: Devin “Ringoo” Bush

Social Chair: Nath “$auce” Wies

Philanthropy Chair: Jonah “Boo” Ricanati

Alumni Relations: Samuel “Dikembe” Mullen

Jewish Programming Chair: Brian “Rocky” Schonfeld

Israel Engagement Chair: Andrew “Diqsy” Goldberg

Other Positions

Risk Manager: David “Tigger” Plotkin

House Manager: Ryan “KidΔ” Matthews

Civics Chair: Gil “Ziggy” Smokyak

Scholarship: Jacob “Levviathan” Reichman

IFC Representative: Nathan “$auce” Wies

AEPi Wear: Gil “Ziggy” Smolyak

Athletics Chair: Tyler “Δibb” Mason