Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Rush?

For the first few weeks of every semester, Alpha Epsilon Pi at the University of Rochester holds a Rush in which we actively search for men who can add to the legacy that is AEPi Rho Nu. Rush is a time period in the beginning of each semester when everyone is welcome to come out to fun events to meet the brothers of our fraternity. It is an opportunity for you to get to know the brothers and for us to get to know you. Rushing a fraternity is not an obligation to join, but just an opportunity for you to come out and have a good time. Please feel free to contact us on the Facebook page for more information about rush.

Q: How do I Rush?


We hold rush twice a year, once at the beginning of fall semester (August/September) for upperclassmen and once more at the beginning of spring semester (January). Simply come out to events, meet brothers and see for yourself what being in AEΠ is all about! Rush is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Rochester.

Q: Does it cost anything to rush?


Absolutely not. You are our guest and we’re here to make you feel welcome and provide you with an awesome experience.

Q: If I rush, am I committed to pledging?

Rushing Alpha Epsilon Pi at the University of Rochester does NOT mean you are committed to pledging. Of course, should we offer you a bid to pledge, we would be delighted if you accepted, but in the end it’s completely your decision.

Q: Does AEPi haze?

Nationally, we are a non-hazing fraternity, and our chapter takes this very seriously. Risk management issues aside, we believe that hazing creates a negative atmosphere that ultimately defeats our goals of inspiring pledges (new members), fostering friendships, and creating great brothers. There is nothing accomplished through hazing that cannot be achieved though other more positive means.

Q: What if I can’t afford to pay dues?

A: We are a fraternity, a family, and a brotherhood. We look after our members and help them out with any problems that they have. If you cannot afford dues, we can usually work something out in terms of a payment plan that will allow you to pay what you can over a period of time. You can talk to our treasurer and work out something that specifically suits your needs.


We will not let financial issues get in the way of you becoming a brother. Once you are a brother, the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation provides low-interest loans that can help pay for education and fraternity costs.

Q: Aren’t frats are all about partying? I won’t fit in…

A: No! Although we do throw amazing events, that is only a small portion of what it means to be a brother. Whether you are into academics, sports, theater, film, electronics, politics, travel, or a whole host of other activities, you will find brothers in AEΠ with similar interests.

Q: Will the fraternity hurt my grades?

A: Statistically, a greater percentage of entering freshman who join a fraternity graduate from college than do non-greek men. Also, the all-fraternity average is higher than the all-men’s average at the vast majority of colleges. During pledge, we hold mandatory “study hours,” and we ask you to provide us with your midterm exam schedules so that we can make sure pledge never interferes with academics.