Chapter History

In the fall of 1998 the Rho Nu Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity at the University of Rochester was reconstituted as the Rho Nu Colony. Russell N. Kenner contacted Andrew S. Borans, the director of Chapter Affairs of Alpha Epsilon Pi. A correspondence began and Andrew S. Borans came up to Rochester. Brother Kenner was inquisitive about beginning a chapter but was not sure what it would entail and not certain whether to attempt to create a chapter. The fact that his brother was a founder at Case Western Reserve University (Tau Deuteron) influenced him greatly. Peter L. Cohen, a chapter consultant, visited Brother Kenner and some of the other potential founding fathers and they began discussion about forming a new colony. These first discussions led to a further push through flyers and other means of communication to get people interested in starting a chapter.


In the Middle of October the founding fathers were decided upon, restarting the colony. The founders were inducted at the end of October by the executive committee of the Beta Chapter(Cornell). At the induction the potential founding fathers elected executive officers. Russell N. Kenner was elected Master, Adam Kotkin was elected Lieutenant Master, and Rickey Moore was elected Exchequer.


On December 3rd of 1998 the founding fathers were initiated at the University of Toronto by the Tau Omega chapter. The founding fathers were Russell Kenner, Adam Lazer, David Ruskin, Brian Kolstad, David Odesser, Adam Kotkin, and Ricky Moore. The seven founding fathers would begin to expand and define the fraternity.


In the spring of 1999, the colony went looking for University recognition and was invited to speak at a Fraternity President’s Council meeting on its behalf. John Pierce, the Supreme Scribe, talked to the colony about what to present in front of the Fraternity President’s Council. The colony made its case and by an 8-2 vote was granted colony status. The first rush took place and Evan Gaines, another legacy, was initiated late that spring. Brother Ruskin was elected Master and Brother Lazer was elected Lieutenant Master. This semester saw our first community service event, as six of the brothers went to help on a habitat for humanity site.


The 1999-2000 school year saw the beginning of housing for the colony. While not officially recognized as housing by the university, Slater 210 became the living quarters of Alpha Epsilon Pi. It housed Brothers Ruskin, Kolstad, Odesser, Kenner and Lazer. This allowed the brothers a common meeting place, and the room to grow a brotherhood. Before long, five new brothers were introduced into the ranks. Brothers Aaron B. Moss, Jonathan H. Sommer, Michael F. Aronson, Igor Kotlyar and Robert A. Kamen were initiated on December 14th of 1999. Elections were held and Russell N. Kenner was elected Master, David I. Ruskin was elected Lieutenant Master, Evan B. Gaines was elected Exchequer, David Odesser was elected Scribe, and Robert A. Kamen was elected Sentinel.  Michael A. Breitbart was initiated into the colony on April 7th of 2000.  David Ruskin became Master and in a special election Robert Kamen was elected Lt. Master and Aaron Moss Sentinel.


In the 2000-2001 school year the colony continued to grow and prosper. The colony became far more active. The colony’s reputation on campus continued to evolve. The Colony was living in unofficial housing in Wilder 440. David I. Ruskin was Master, Robert A. Kamen was Lieutenant Master, Evan B. Gaines was the Exchequer, Michael F. Aronson was the Scribe, and Aaron B. Moss was the Sentinel. The colony had another very successful rush and pledge program and five new members were initiated into the colony. Peter D. Fabricant, David M. Klueger, Liraz Kolnik, Sean R. Martell, and Alexander W. Safian, were initiated on December 10th of 2000. At the end of the fall semester new elections were held and Michael A. Breitbart was elected Master, Brian E. Kolstad was elected Lieutenant Master, Evan B. Gaines was re-elected as Exchequer, Sean R. Martell was elected as Scribe, and Peter D. Fabricant was elected as Sentinel. During the spring semester the Colony began to take on a more solid form. Committees began to meet on a more regular basis and, in general, the brotherhood became more comfortable with parliamentary procedure at chapter meetings. Approximately half way through the semester Alexander W. Safian became Exchequer. Finally, Daniel J. Mishel and Bernard J. Braun were initiated into the chapter on April 22nd of 2001.


The Rho Nu Colony of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity attained officially recognized housing for the first time in the 2001-2002 school year. The colony residence was in Hollister 1 in the Susan B. Anthony dormitory. The colony continued its excellence in community service, academics, and social activities. Additionally, the colony received its first annual composite. Lee Frankel-Goldwater and Jeffrey S. Klein were initiated on December 7th of 2001. In addition, new officers were elected at the end of the fall semester. Peter D. Fabricant was elected Master, Robert A. Kamen was elected Lieutenant Master, Alexander W. Safian was elected Exchequer, Sean R. Martell was elected Scribe, and Igor Kotlyar was elected Sentinel. In the spring semester the colony’s activities grew in leaps and bounds. The colony attended conclave, held its first annual semi-formal event, and held its first broomball tournament raising money for the national philanthropy. Robert M. Brooks, Daniel J. Cramer, and Mordechai D. Harris were initiated on April 20th of 2002. Finally, the colony held its first ever brotherhood retreat at which we said goodbye to a number of graduating seniors. The graduating seniors were Michael Allen Breitbart, Evan B. Gaines, and Adam S. Lazer.


In the fall semester of the 2002-2003 school year the colony found itself in new housing. The colony had moved from Hollister 1 in the Susan B. Anthony Dormitory to Gale 210/240 in Hill Court. The colony had its most successful rush so far, and initiated six new members into the fraternity. Justin L. Berkowitz, Benjamin J. Haberman, Daniel L. Kaplan, David R. Martell, Matthew G. Schultz, and Andrew B. Stuart were initiated on November 23rd of 2002. During the fall semester the colony held many social events including mixers with various sororities. At the end of the fall semester new officers were elected. Peter D. Fabricant was reelected Master, Alexander W. Safian was elected Lieutenant Master, Robert M. Brooks was elected Scribe, Daniel J. Mishel was elected Exchequer, Mordechai D. Harris was elected Sentinel, Jeffrey S. Klein was elected Risk Manager, Daniel J. Cramer was elected Member-at-Large, Sean R. Martell was elected House Manager, and Liraz Kolnik was elected as Historian.


The spring semester of the 2002-2003 school year was a big semester for what was then still a colony. Adam Rosenberg was initiated into the colony and many of the new brothers began to take an active role in the colony. The colony held a significant number of social and community service events. Most notably the colony held its 2nd broomball tournament held at the ESL Sportscentre and as well as its 2nd annual semiformal. These events helped to solidify the colony’s position on the University of Rochester campus. David Martell was elected as the new Risk Manager and David Klueger was elected as Member-at-Large. Finally, and most importantly the colony was chartered. From now on this will be known as the history of the RHO NU CHAPTER OF THE ALPHA EPSILON PI FRATERNITY.


In the fall semester of the 2003-2004 school year the Rho Nu Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity reconvened at the University of Rochester. Robert A. Kamen was appointed Chapter Advisor.  The chapter continued to reside in the Gale House 210/240 suites in Hill Court. After a successful rush five new members were initiated into the fraternity on December 6th: Michael J. Hays, Adam D. Rose, Jacob D. Schamp, Michael J. Siegel, and Matthew A. Storch. During the fall semester the chapter participated and helped to organize various community service events such as the Yom Kippur Break Fast, the Big Shabbat, and performed security at the Guster Concert to raise money for Half-Shek. At the end of the fall semester new officers were elected. Daniel L. Kaplan was elected Master, Matthew G. Schultz was elected Lieutenant Master, Michael J. Hays was elected Scribe, Adam J. Rosenberg was elected Exchequer, Robert M. Brooks was elected Sentinel, David R. Martell was elected Risk Manager, Lee Frankel-Goldwater was elected Member-at-Large, Matthew A. Storch was Historian.


The Fall of 2004 saw a renewed relationship between the Chapter and Hillel.  As always the Chapter continued its co-sponsorship of Shabbat Hagadol, which brought over 700 students together to celebrate Shabbat.  The brothers also began to contribute at weekly Shabbat dinners by cooking and cleaning and were instrumental in making Hillel Hanukkah events possible.  David Martell was elected Master, Jacob Schamp Lt. Master, Alex Rowen Scribe, Chris Hancock Excehquer, Dan Kaplan Sentinel, Mike Hays Risk Manager and M.J. Siegel Member-at-Large.


Spring 2005 saw the addition of 5 new brothers: Andrew Alkon, Oren Haymovits, Peter Nicolardi, Igor Mershon and Alex Halperin.  The Chapter continued its tradition of strong community service by expanding its role with Hillel and the Jewish Home of Rochester as well as expanding into new areas such as the Open Door Mission Soup Kitchen.


3 new brothers were added to the rolls in the Fall of 2005.  Brian Hirsh, Nick James and Ben Sheppard were initiated on November 12th.   Jacob Schamp was elected Master, M.J. Siegel Lt. Master, Alex Halperin Scribe, Chris Hancock Exchequer, Mike Hays Sentinel, Ben Sheppard Risk Manager and Andrew Alkon Member-at-Large.


The Chapter began a new phase in community service by sending several brothers to be mentors for local area students in the Spring of 2006.  While the effort began with only two brothers it rapidly expanded over the next few semesters.  This semester also saw a large pledge class.  Jason Albert, Eric Bluestein, Jacob Epstein, David Heaton, Ian Moskowitz and Jeremy Ross all joined the Chapter.


A billiards tournament was held in the Fall of 2006 with proceeds going to Chai Lifeline, Shaare Zedek Hospital and the United States Holocaust Museum.  The Chapter expanded its Jewish programming by beginning a weekly Teffilin Club with Chabad.  The Chapter also adopted a 4 mile stretch of highway in nearby Penfield.  Michael Denson, Michael Sugarman, Tony Amato and Alex Kupperman were added to the Chapter rolls.  Oren Haymovits was elected Master, Jeremy Ross Lt. Master, Eric Bluestein Scribe, Jacob Epstein Exchequer, Brian Hirsh Sentinel, Jacob Epstein Risk Manager and Alex Halperin Member-at-Large.


Spring 2007 saw continued cooperation with Chabad as the Chapter hosted a Megillah reading on Purim. Jeremy Fishman, Sam Fishman and Eric Merenstein were initiated.  Also Joel Kleinberg, program director for Hillel, was an honorary initiate.


In the Fall of 2007 the Chapter began a new tradition during Sukkot of “Hookah in the Sukkah”.  David Nager-Sadoff was initiated.  Michael Denson was elected Master, Eric Bluestein Lt. Master, Michael Sugarman Scribe, Jacob Epstein Exchequer, Tony Amato Sentinel, Alex Kupperman Risk Manager and Jeremy Fishman Member-at-Large.


The Chapter continued to expand its programming in the Spring of 2008 by co-sponsoring events with many other campus organizations including URSGA and MASA.  Of special note is the Town Hall Meeting with Mayor Duffy co-sponsored with the Urban Explorers Club.  Also the Chapter held a pie throwing/eating contest with proceeds going to the national philanthropy.  Will Feuerman, Tom Karo and Ben Witten were initiated into the Chapter.  At the end of the semester Alex Kupperman was elected as Exchequer for the remainder of Jacob Epstein’s term as Jacob would be going abroad in the fall semester.


In the Fall of 2008 the chapter saw continued growth with Sidney Epner, Jason Huie, Mike Moran, Eric Nielsen, and Evan Siegel being initiated. The chapter also  celebrated its 10th anniversary with a barbeque on Meliora Weekend, which was attended by many alumni. David-Nager-Sadoff was elected Master, Eric Merenstein was elected Lt. Master, Evan Siegel as Scribe and Risk Manager, Eric Nielsen as Exchequer, Tom Karo as Sentinel,  and Sidney Epner as Member at Large.

The Spring of 2009 saw continued involvement in Foodlink and Pie a Pi. It also saw the initiation of its largest pledge class to date, including Aaron Shoup, Joshua Suslak, Will  Surdyka, Benjamin Horrow, Benjamin Strake, Benjamin Phelps, and Joshua Warhit. The chapter also said goodbye to Rob Kamen as chapter advisor and welcomed Dan Tavakoli, who took his place. At the end of the semester Tom Karo resigned from his position as Sentinel, and was replaced by Jason Huie for the rest of the term.


The chapter saw the initiation of Reid Buckley, Zev Fima, Luke Edson, Micheal Zimmerman, and Joshua Gladstone in the Fall of 2009. The chapter also saw the election of Jason Huie to Master, Sidney Epner to Lt. Master, Benjamin Witten to Scribe, Benjamin Horrow to Exchequer, and Benjamin Phelps to Sentinel, Aaron Shoup as Risk Manager, and Joshua Warhit as Member at Large.


At the start of the Spring of 2010 Jason Huie was unable to be installed as Master due to taking the semester off. This led to Sidney Epner being elected and installed as Master, Benjamin Phelps being elected and installed as Lt. Master, Benjamin Witten being installed as Scribe, Benjamin Horrow being installed as Exchequer, and Aaron Shoup being elected and installed as Sentinel. The chapter continued its involvement in Foodlink and Adopt the Highway, and started the practice of Tzedakah Boxes in the Gale 210/240 suites. It also saw the initiation of its largest pledge class to date, consisting of Ian Jacobs, Ethan Siegel, Joseph Buonomo, Joshua Grossman, Zachary Steinman, Jonathan Goldberg, Michael Berkman, Jordan Fontheim, and Kevin Ly.


The Fall of 2010 saw the acquisition of a satellite house on Brooks Ave, the first brother Shabbat dinner, and Sukkah building. Evan Siegel became the new chapter advisor and Rabbi Asher was initiated as an honorary brother. The chapter also saw the initiation of Charlie Goldstein and Naohito Sadushima. Ben Phelps was elected as Master, Aaron Shoup was elected Lt. Master, Will Surdyka was elected Scribe, Joseph Buonomo was elected Exchequer and Risk Manager, Kevin Ly was elected Sentinel, and Luke Edson was elected as Member at Large.

In the Spring of 2012, the Alpha Deuteron class was initiated consisting of Greg Goldvug, Adam Haas, Matthew Hershfield, Kang Kim, Michael Pascutoi, Max Rydqvist, Eddie Samuels, Kyle Savitch, and Erik Snyder. Brothers once again went to Foodlink to package food, went to the Rochester Jewish Home to play bingo with residents, and held our annual Pie a Pi event. Also, we had a new philanthropy event called Office Space, where students paid to smash printers and fax machines. We received the Philip and Susan Cohen Award for Excellence in Jewish Communal Service.

In the Fall of 2012, the Alpha Beta class was initiated consisting of Matthew Haas, Jeremy Hauck, Steven Rickard, and Daniel Zucker. Elections were held and Adin Reisner was elected Master, Alex Haber was elected Lt. Master, Eddie Samuels was elected Scribe, Matthew Hershfield was elected Exchequer Bennett Kolber was elected Brother at Large, and Adam Haas was elected Sentinel.

In the Spring of 2013, the Alpha Gamma class was initiated consisting of Joshua Azria, Will Blach, Cameron Finkle, Joshua Hamlet, Jack Teitel, Benjamin Walsh, Murray Wan, and Jacob Wegbreit. We continued to support Foodlink and do our annual Pie a Pi event. Between the fall and spring semesters, we raised over $1000 to send to the AEPi Foundation.

In the Fall of 2013, we initiated three new brothers: Henry Le, Daniel Morgen, and Ross Wolkenbrod. We also held elections and Bennett Kolber was elected Master, Greg Goldvug was elected Lt. Master, Jacob Wegbreit was elected Scribe, Eddie Samuels was elected Exchequer, and Erik Snyder was elected Brother at Large. Jordan Fontheim became our Chapter Advisor. For philanthropy, we continued our tradition of doing Adopt A Highway and Shave a Part, and we tried a new event, which was a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament.

In the Spring of 2014, the largest pledge class to date was initiated consisting of Joshua Anes, Joshua Brandis, Greg Dadourian, Roy Eldar, Morgan Fishkin, Joshua Hersh, Adam Lott, Dan Radin, Borja Rojo, Daniel Saltz, and Joshua Wrobel. We once again did Adopt A Highway and Pie a Pi, and won the Lion’s Legacy Award for philanthropy. We also did a Walk to Remember to remember those who perished in the Holocaust.

In the Fall of 2014, the Alpha Zeta class was initiated consisting of Andrew Mallen and Connor O’Brien. We once again held elections and Jacob Wegbreit was elected Master, Henry Le was elected Lt. Master, Joshua Hamlet was elected Scribe, Daniel Saltz was elected Exchequer, and Joshua Hersh was elected Brother at Large. Adin Reisner became our Chapter Advisor. We once again had our annual Shave a Part event. We also had a Sukkot event where we built a Sukkah in Hill Court and invited everybody to come and enjoy food and refreshments.